What gives a brand a distinct presence over others in the same line? One may argue digital marketing, but sometimes, even that isn’t enough to have the edge over competition. We are living in an era of transformations, and the scenario demands solutions that adhere to the changing dynamics. More than digital outreach, companies require solutions that present them as fashionable and places them in the trending section. The Picture Factory (TPF) provides an umbrella of such trendsetting solutions, guaranteeing a stellar online presence to any brand. It offers photoshoots, Web Designing & Development to digital marketing services, online sales-boosting, and much more. In short, everything to scale any e-commerce or online business to new heights.


To create something distinguishable, one has to have a distinct understanding of aspects. Mr Akash Gupta, Founder of TPF, is a man of such qualities. Young and innovative at heart, Akash strongly believes in swimming against the stream. His background revolves around modern marketing aspects. And he has considerable exposure in working with startups on evolving, planning & executing marketing campaigns. The stint helped him conclude that e-Commerce brands need to focus on the larger picture, i.e., a long-term strategy. For that, brands require a company with the right expertise and solutions that ensures a turnaround growth - This planted the idea of TPF in his mind.

After an amounting research on what he was planning, Akash incepted TPF. And his idea has showcased an incorrigible growth - both organic and inorganic aspects. TPF houses all the innovative technical tools to reduce time in cumbersome aspects of photo/video post-production while increasing the efficiency to meet customer demands. Aside from technology, TPF has a small but innovative crew on hand, whose diverse skills ensures that its clients get the most out of their money.


Whether it’s a stunning photoshoot for a fashion manufacturer or Bollywood designer, an engaging TVC commercial for a potential e-Commerce brand or a fantastic video shoot for pre-wedding and wedding, TPF has all of it covered. It has 24x7 in-house Photographers, videographers, Makeup Artist, Hair and Fashion Stylists who collaborate with editors, warehouse support team, Tech team and online Growth selling support team to create tailored contents.

Besides these, TPF is in digital marketing - and it amasses all the cutting-edge platforms, such as Unicommerce Software and Website development platforms, like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, PHP, and Bootstrap. From Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing, the Company has everything to optimize brand’s awareness and presence amongst the targeted audience.


Anything out of the ordinary demands intensive research and analysis on prominent aspects, and if it’s digital, the need for research goes up a notch. TPF is all about creative ideas and innovative minds congregating to scale businesses. Therefore, a good amount of time and resources go into R&D. Its shooting expertise with advanced equipment and subsequent high-definition editing in 360° view is an excellent example. TPF prefers universal shooting as the White Background + Grey Background Images + Product/model Videos impresses clients - both in creative and outdoor shoots.

Parallelly, TPF takes analytical approaches, like SWOT analysis, to ensure every campaign brings the desired results and reaches the maximum audience. It follows call-to-action practices, such as Second-screen marketing/multiple-screen marketing, to increase interactivity and build better outreach.


“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in” – Bill Bradley

Building a strong and sustainable company isn’t a one man’s job. It requires the persistence and commitment of everyone on board. Although TPF was born amid the doom and gloom of COVID-19, the team's hard work and dedication have held the sails high. As the man at the helm, Akash feels proud to lead a team enthusiastic as himself. He believes in transparency and communicating with everyone, cultivate new ideas and helps in understanding other’s concerns. The team has every opportunity to develop new skills through challenging tasks. Akash believes in inspiring not only by presenting an opportunity for day-to-day implementation but also by sharing innovative ideas and shaping them into reality. “Your communication should be in both directions, not be in one direction,” avers Akash. The confluence of challenges and ideas motivates the team and inspires for betterment.


Only a year in business and TPF has already hit the century in aligning businesses with the digital curve. Its tech competencies, market knowledge, with trending practices make it a preferred partner for e-Commerce brands like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. TPF has a record of producing 1.5 Million+ photos and video content each year for catalogues, lookbooks; and launches campaigns (indoor & outdoor) for over 100 fashion and E-commerce brands. It has a presence in 20+ marketplaces, onboarding 2000+ sellers across India. Attention to customer requirements and satisfaction gives it exceptional popularity in multiple marketplaces.

TPF is a symbolic representation of Akash himself. He enjoys assisting others in achieving their goals. He is proud of the leadership skills he is bestowed with and prefers leading through action, not words. He likes multitasking and experimenting and turning challenges into opportunities.


A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step. At the outset, Akash’s vision was to create the best brand stories and Tempbridge is steadily empowering that vision. By earning milestones and building presence, TPF is showcasing the potential to be high-flyer in its arena.

Down the five years, TPF envisages being India’s biggest e-commerce consultancy firm having a presence in eminent shooting studios across the Country. Soon, it plans to expand to Surat, Mumbai & Punjab with new teams and start 4 new offices by 2022. Akash also plans to launch India’s First Online Omni marketplace portal. He is working on a number of e-Commerce projects and wants to expand his reach in the online market.


“To accomplish great things, we must both dream and act, therefore always deliver more than expected and give it your all.” – Akash Gupta

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